Redondo Beach through the Lens

Endeavour’s landing at LAX Sept. 21, 2012 shot in HD.
The specially modified 747 payload was 78-tons.
(See  below for more on the Endeavour.)

Endeavour’s landing at LAX Sept. 21, 2012 shot from a helicopter.

Endeavour, which flew into space 25 times between 1992 and 2011, was delivered from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to L.A. for the California Science Center, which was awarded the shuttle by NASA in 2011. After a two-day planned road trip from the airport to the science center next month, the California Science Center will open its Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center to house the Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion on Oct. 30.

The California Science Center’s Endeavour exhibit is one of only four displaying the retired shuttles. Discovery, the fleet leader, is now at the Smithsonian in northern Virginia. The prototype Enterprise is in New York City on board the…

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