Amazing footage of a slinky defying the laws of gravity. Or is it?

jim caldwell

Watching this video, I have to ask, do we really understand gravity?  When we release an object from our hands, it falls.  Right?  Not always?  Or at least, not right away?

Veritasium has put some pretty cool videos to explain how science and physics work.   They have been working with slinkies on a number of videos (and you thought your kid didn’t have any potential at 3 years old) , this video seems to capture the essences of their work.

So listening to a couple of science guys explain this, does this give one a solid enough understanding why that darn bottom of the slinky doesn’t move?  OK, I get the propagating communication of information thing, and that gravity has a constant force on the center of gravity but when I step back from all that, why doesn’t that slinky’s bottom move?  Jim Caldwell



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