Home of the Japan Photolog

How did I end up in Japan shortly after the Fukushima disaster?

Life of late had been far more work than anything.  It was time for another adventure.  Time to take adventure.

I started out for a few days in a place nicknamed paradise, Hawaii, the North Shore to be even more specific.

The North Shore in the winter times means big surf.  With water in the 70s and the air in the 70s to 80s, how could this combo not be Paradise?

My next stop was a short fling through Tokyo and Kyoto.  The only problem, this was only weeks after the tsunami ripping through the Fukushima nuclear plant.  No problem.  I should be able to get a refund on the airfare.  That wasn’t in Travelocity’s financial view of the world.

Thus begins the journey of a fireman from Redondo Beach named Jim Caldwell.

This is my photo journal of my trip to Japan.  Enjoy.



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